This Summer we’re traveling the USA in our musical journey with Fiddlefox, and we are also looking into one of rock’s favorite anthems, Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey. The story behind this song is truly inspiring for us parents and staff at Rock and Roll Daycare.

Jonathan Cain was having a hard time making it as a musician. He was barely making his rent, so when his dog got hit by a car, he could not afford the vet’s bill. So he found himself phoning his dad to ask for a loan, and doubting himself for dreaming to be a musician.

“Dad, I need a loan. Am I just dreaming? Should I just go back to Chicago?”

“I’ll give you the loan, you gotta stay put”, answered his dad. “Son, don’t stop believin’.”

These words of encouragement deeply inspired him and made him push forward. And the song ended up becoming one of America’s most loved and best known classics.

This is the type of parenting we support here at Rock and Roll Daycare. We want our children to feel supported and elevated, and for their potential to be honored. Believing in them is a way for them to believe in themselves. Also, this song represents values that we are aligned with: courage and perseverance.

So here are a few ideas to help you support your child, instill self-confidence in them, and make them fell valued and capable:

  1. Trust in their criteria, voice and choice, giving them opportunities to be themselves, express their way of being and ideas, and make decisions.
  2. Demonstrate a genuine interest in what they love to do. The things we love are what make us unique. And feeling that their parents support them in doing what they love, will help them find the confidence to excel in that. 
  3. Focus on their strengths, and give them meaningful, positive feedback. They can tell when words are empty, so speak honestly, knowing they are pure potential. 
  4. Be a great role-model. Let your passions drive your vision and believe in yourself! What is more powerful than having an amazing parent to look up to, that loves you and respects you unconditionally­­?

We hope you enjoy our American Heritage Curriculum Guide and Songbook and, when given the chance, you will support your children so that they do not stop believing in everything they are, and everything they want to be.

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Now that you’ve learned more about the story and the song, sit back, relax, and sing along with our own Music Director, Phil Berman, as he brings you his unique version of Don’t Stop Believin’


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