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Christine is all about children

It’s experience that makes a difference. Our director Christine has a wealth of knowledge from a lifetime serving children and families. She believes that meeting the needs of adults is as important as meeting the needs of children, and she focuses on training her teachers and nurturing the families enrolled in her school.

“Rock and Roll Daycare is bringing a different beat to the drum by having a unique music and art program that as a director for 20 years l have not experienced in the NOVA DC area. 

It has proved to be effective in opening the minds and hearts of little ones from exercising language development and so much more. 

As your director, my belief in recognizing and maintaining a healthy relationship is important within the family, as well as the extended family that Rock and Roll will be a part of from parents to children, to our staff and our community that supports a diverse culture of respect, acceptance and learning. I believe it is the educator’s responsibility to guide a child, meeting their needs and assisting them to reach their full potential. It is my desire to assist with laying down a concrete foundation of early learning, resulting in children who represent Rock and Roll Daycare with “The Voice of the Future” and becoming strong leaders as citizens of this proud nation.

My leadership style is a holistic approach of learning from areas of professional supportive and vocational counseling, fairness across the board, professional role modeling and hands-on training with applying special attention to training approaches and strategies for all to understand and learn through. It is always my goal to empower children and staff by catching them doing good.”

-Christine Zappia

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believes in respecting the child’s individuality

He is passionate about creating spaces where children can develop their true potential


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