learning music
Music can stir all types of emotions. Some music gets you excited and gives you energy, while other music can […]
income tax
Refunds, payments, returns…it must be tax season! If things weren’t confusing enough, your tax return could look a little different […]
Let’s face it; going back to work after having a baby can be tough! Learning to adjust to taking care […]
Music is a powerful tool when dealing with emotions. Just as happy music puts us in a good mood and […]
Kids love to dance because it keeps them active and it’s fun. Dance activities keep their brains active as well. […]
As the nation celebrates Black History Month in February, Rock and Roll Daycare in Alexandria and our other locations are […]
sign language
Learning ASL (American Sign Language) can be a wonderful way for parents to communicate with their hearing-impaired children. But, statistics […]
children music
When you hear your favorite song how does it make you feel? People usually feel happy as they listen to […]
Today we are going to focus on Montessori materials, the sensory-based learning tools that we use in the classroom. As […]
This Summer we’re traveling the USA in our musical journey with Fiddlefox, and we are also looking into one of […]