Music and cultures of the world,
the best educational resources
and a Montessori inspired learning environment

Rock and Roll Daycare is a dynamic, music-based Montessori Childcare Program, serving infants, toddlers and preschool-aged children. 
We pride ourselves in continuous innovation, research and advancement in the early childhood field, creating hallmark programs that combine Montessori, Music, and Cultural education.

Music, culture and movement

Countless research studies have stressed the importance that early childhood music-making has on the developing body and brain.

We make daily music-learning fun and engaging through our Fiddlefox curriculum and specialised music teachers. Children discover rhythm and pitch, and appreciate music while learning  about different cultures of the world.

Who’s up for a challenge?

Children are challenged every day, with hands-on activities to learn about math, language, science, the outdoors, arts, practical life and sensorial development.

Our Challenge Education Curriculum taps into children’s inner motivation.

Children discover, solve and create their way through the curriculum.

Montessori inspired

Our Montessori-inspired educational environment is carefully tailored to motivate children.

Expert consultants from Open Door Montessori ensure our teachers receive on-going training in Montessori education.

Parents too are encouraged to participate in adult support sessions to align the home environment with this philosophy.

Rock and Roll Daycare children enjoy our unique and award winning music and culture curriculum

Seven years ago we changed the rules of the game when we created music-based childcare. We love making a difference in children’s lives.

the quality of
children’s lives

We believe that children deserve to be happy here and now. Our mission is to serve children in their enjoyment and development to become citizens of the world.

Rock and Roll Daycare exists to light the fire of creativity and imagination in every child through an advanced music and arts program, international cultural education, and self-directed learning. Our vision is to bring hope to the world by transforming the lives of children.

A premium childcare experience

Young children thrive in environments where they can explore, improvise, and concentrate with hands-on music play. But we are more than a great educational program.

Healthy food

Our thoughtfully prepared breakfast, snacks, and lunches are cooked fresh each day.


Never bring a diaper to school again! We provide all toileting supplies.


Video camera systems allow the comfort of checking in on your child during the day.

Award-winning system

Our award-winning system sets us apart! 

Knowledge builds respect

Children live in a growing interconnected and multicultural world

In 2002, the National Geographic–Roper ran a Global Geographic Literacy Survey, and discovered that 11% of young U.S. citizens could not locate the U.S. on a map. The Pacific Ocean’s location was a mystery to 29%, Japan’s was unknown to 58%, France to 65%, and the U.K. to 69%.

We teach children about the rich variety of cultures all around the world. Every month each country becomes a whole new adventure.

Because once you understand the history of a nation, you learn to value and respect it.

Child holding up building blocks

We belive collaboration
is essential for progress

At Rock and Roll Daycare, we educate for global citizenship, celebrating the cultural wealth of all countries, peoples and music.

Yes, music is a big part of it. We believe that it is a universal language, and all children have it in them, waiting for the moment to be expressed.

With our music and culture curriculum, children discover the rich variety of cultures from around the world, and learn about history, traditions, art, cuisine…

Each country is a whole new adventure!

How it all began

It’s best thought of as a love story

Our founder, violinist Christopher Vuk, tells us how it all began. It’s a story of music and love.

Our values


We Encourage

Children speak kindly, help each other, and comfort friends who are hurting, Team members validate and speak well of others.


We Create

Children are empowered to experiment. Team members build together, and are open to change and consistent growth.


We Are Family

Children respect the adults and leaders in their lives, along with their fellow peers through their words and actions. Team members respect children and adults through words and actions.


We Live Music

Children have a general understanding and appreciation for music, culture, and art. Team members are musical experimenters, and learn alongside the children.


We Pursue Excellence

Children concentrate, move with coordination, work in an orderly way, and function as independent persons. Team members prepare in advance to reach the children’s needs.

Vocational professionals only

Build a career at Rock and Roll

We invest in teacher education and provide career opportunities for people who are looking to develop themselves in the exciting field of early childhood education! We support your ongoing growth, training and development.

Client Testimonials

We strive to offer the best educational service to Rock and Roll families.

“Wanted to send a quick note of thanks for the International Night event tonight. The dance ensemble was awesome, my daughter was enthralled, and she and her toddler friends had so much fun dancing and singing the songs you taught them. When we got home tonight, I asked her what kind of music we heard… and she said “Mr Phil!“

J. Anderson


“Our twins boys have loved Rock and Roll since they started, they are always excited to go to school, and they come home singing and dancing. The teachers and staff are really wonderful and caring. Catered food is wonderful and makes life so much easier.”

A. Natenshon


“I highly recommend Rock and Roll East Cambridge. There is a daily music component, which seems good for providing entertainment and intellectual stimulation. The school puts a lot of thought into educating the children in an age appropriate manner.”

A. Yu


“We always felt very safe leaving our son with the teachers and knew he was well taken care of Rock & Roll Daycare was always very accommodating and flexible with two working parents who are trying to balance work and parenting.”

T. Free


“Our son really enjoyed preschool at Rock and Roll, and he continues to sing many of the songs that he learned there. The music is really great and it’s what makes it different from other preschools. Thanks for running such a wonderful program!”

M. Xu



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