Kids love to dance because it keeps them active and it’s fun. Dance activities keep their brains active as well. This doesn’t have to be a formal dance class; it can be anything that gets kids up and moving to music. Keeping kids moving is important as statistics show that obesity affects more than 14 million children ages 2-19.

Dance activities have even more benefits. We’re going to take a look at some of those as well as how Rock and Roll Daycare in Alexandria integrates music classes into the curriculum.

Benefits of Dance Activities for Kids

When your child is dancing, even just for fun, so many good things are happening that you may not even realize.

Teaches Kids How to Be Social

If you want kids to improve their social skills, let them dance! When kids dance as part of a class, they learn how to interact with other kids. This helps them develop social skills which can help them throughout their lives. 

Helps Emotional Development

Dancing helps kids express themselves no matter what format they’re doing it in. When you allow kids to dance, you’re allowing them to be free and express themselves. Even children at a young age can benefit from this.

Encourages Creativity

Kids can express their creativity through dance. They come up with moves that are so creative as they just let the music take them. As they get older, they may try to follow a beat. Whatever the case, they are being creative as they move and stay active.

Dance Activity Ideas

Dance activities need to be fun and interactive to stick. Well, kids have a short attention span, so you have to keep things fun to keep them engaged. 

For small children, many different age-appropriate games can be fun and entertaining. Here are just a few ideas:

Balloon Dance

Kids and balloons are a winning combination. Try this game with them. Have kids dance while hitting a balloon in the air. The idea is to keep dancing and keep the balloon from hitting the ground. If the balloon falls before the music stops, they’re out of the game. The last one moving with the balloon in the air is the winner.

Animal Dances

Kids and animals are another winning combination. Why not ask them to create animal dances? How would an elephant dance? How about a monkey? Ask your children and see what they come up with. They’ll find something that will make them smile.

Freeze Dance

Play some music and tell kids to dance. When you stop the music everyone has to freeze. It may be hard for little ones, but it’s a fun game that will get everyone laughing and moving.

Painting Dance

Since painting and dance are both expressive forms of art, you can combine the two. This one can get a little messy. Using washable paints, let your child dip their feet in a bowl of paint and start dancing on a mat or large piece of paper. When the music stops, they’ve gotten some energy out and created a piece of art.

Music Classes at Rock and Roll Daycare

Music and dance make up a large part of the curriculum at our Rock and Roll Daycare center in Alexandria as well as our other franchises.

Daily group music classes are all about fun as kids get to dance, shake, and play as they are introduced to different types of music. Every two months children are introduced to a new culture which includes the music of that country. We believe this is a great way to incorporate learning about a new culture into the curriculum.

Children get to explore different instruments during their classes. Preschool children even have the chance to practice their instruments as part of their daily routine. 

Fiddlefox Curriculum

Our sister company, Fiddlefox, develops new classroom materials every year to give kids a deeper understanding of music and offer them ways to develop hands-on lessons. All of these materials are created with the Montessori Method in mind, as are all of our lessons at our Rock and Roll Daycare centers. 

Fiddlefox also publishes illustrated songbooks, music recordings, and activity books based on our current cultural curriculum that switches every two months. Everything works hand in hand to provide a well-rounded experience with music and dance for all of our Rock and Roll students. You can learn more about Fiddlefox here.

As you can see, there are many different ways to keep kids busy through dance. We want to know what you do with your kids when it comes to dancing. Share with us in the comments section below.


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